CPCng Design Team

(Last Updated: 04-March-2006)

eZ80F91 Prototype, 160mm x 100mm (Eurocard form factor)


04-MAR-2006, Added Composite Gerber

24-JUN-2004, New fix-up download and parts map.

09-JUN-2004, Added Spreadsheet of Parts List for download

04-APR-2004, Updated Schematic and Board PDFs

02-FEB-2004, Final Revision: updated Gerbers, with slight touch-up to obvious errors:

Gerber Files are ready for manufacture, but the design was not thoroughly reviewed by anyone else...
So, at this point, you are hereby advised: Manufacture boards at your own risk!

Download the NEW full EAGLE project with Gerber Files, CPCng_proto_rev_A_FIXUP_24JUN2004.zip (788K)
Note: within this file is a ZIP file with the Gerbers. Edit the Read_Me.txt file for your own
contact (name, address, phone #), and re-Zip before submitting to a board manufacturing house.

Schematic and Board in Adobe PDF

Schematic and board were created with EAGLE from Cadsoft (http://www.cadsoftusa.com/)

(Please use Rotate Clockwise from the Acrobat View menu.)

Parts List (spreadsheet)

This is a raw export from EAGLE for CPCng_proto_Euroboard_A
PartsList-CPCng_proto_Euroboard_A.zip (13K)

Data Sheets

Browse and download from the Datasheets Directory.
Note: GIDE.zip contains Z80 Generic IDE design files (and PAL equations), which might be useful for reference.

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